Recap The Young and the Restless: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chloe has a Cinderella fantasy that turns into a nightmare where Chance and Heather are paired together. Chloe hatches a plan to make Chance jealous. When Chance arrives at Jimmy’s Chloe kisses Ronan. Chloe is hurt that Chance is more concerned about where Heather is. Meanwhile, Heather finds herself trapped with the hit man. Chance leaves to try and save Heather. Before Chloe knows what’s happening, Ronan pins her to the bar and kisses her.

Billy jokes with Lauren about her being his aunt. Billy assures Lauren that he doesn’t feel the same way that Jill does about the Fenmore’s money or name. After talking to Billy, Lauren decides to go talk to Jill to see if she can meet her halfway. Lauren and Michael arrive in time to hear Jill trashing on Lauren to Kay and Nina. Jill refuses to let Lauren in emotionally.

Lily comes home to a completely clean and orderly house and is touched that her family went to all the trouble to make sure that the house and nursery were ready for the twins’ arrival home from the hospital. Neil learns Sofia is engaged to Malcolm. Later, as Neil’s family is falling in love with Sofia, Neil makes it clear to Malcolm that he doesn’t want Sofia anywhere near his family. Lily and Cane are shocked that Sofia is Tucker’s new CFO.

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