Review: Scrubs - Our Histories Season 9, Episode 4

It was good to see an episode that had a bit more of a balance between the old and the new. Yes, we concentrated a lot on the J.D./Turk "Bro-a-Palooza" and Ted's departure from Sacred Heart. But we also got a fair amount of the students working together.

Do Lucy and Cole still need a little bit more of a personality infusion? Sure. But it's hard to keep up comedically with characters who have been developed over the last eight years. This episode gives me hope that eventually they're going to be able to stand on their own.

As others have mentioned, we need to see more of Turk away from J.D. We know he can stand on his own as a character, but if he's going to be one of the significant cast members after Zach Braff leaves in two episodes, we're going to need to see how he reacts to Cox, the students, Denise, etc. We've barely seen him interact with any of them without J.D. around.

Because of the Bro-a-Palooza, there wasn't one scene where Donald Faison was separate from Braff. And despite how funny the story was -- Turk the black cowboy and J.D. the Indian in chaps doing Brazillian fight dancing was priceless -- it did Donald Faison's character a disservice.

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