Recap The Young and the Restless: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jack helps Abby gain control over her trust. Abby meets with Victor and Victoria who try and reason with her.

Victoria allows Victor’s distrust of Billy get to her and continues to stonewall him, which clearly hurts Billy. Tucker and Ashley offer Billy a very sweet deal to flip on Victor and Victoria, but he turns them down flat. Billy refuses to become a part of the Newman-Abbott war. Later, Billy informs Victoria that Tucker and Ashley are trying to expose Victor’s corruption.

Victor offers Phyllis a large divorce settlement, but she refuses to be bought. Nick searches for Sharon’s location and learns she’s staying at the Abbott cabin. Nick arrives at the cabin and is pleasantly surprised when Sharon doesn’t attack him. At the coffeehouse, Adam plants a seed with Phyllis when he drops a bomb on her that Nick is up at the cabin with Sharon. Phyllis heads to cabin, but gets a flat tire on her way up. Adam shows up on Sharon’s doorstep when Nick leaves.

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