Top Moments: Heidi's New Face, Breaking Bad's New Lease on Life and Fringe's New Tune

There's no laugh like an unexpected laugh. But this week was filled with them, as such unlikely sources as unhappy employees, CSPAN, and a debate about the Fourth Amendment provided doses of mordant comedy. Of course, we also got our usual, predictably solid joy from Cougar Town and a celebrity sing-along - plus a shockingly poignant moment from... The Hills? We can hardly believe it ourselves. Welcome to Top Moments: Ode to Joy Edition.

12. Most Oddly Specific Joke: In a Saturday Night Live sketch about an awards show for lazy public employees, featured player Bobby Moynihan plays a schlubby courthouse gofer who delivers a monotonous monologue about a supervisor who expects him - in clear violation of his union contract - to pick up files from another story of the building. "How could you, supervisor?" the schlub asks indignantly, phoning in his dramatic reading the same way he does his job.

11. Best Spoilsport: Sharon Stone pops up on this week's episode of Law & Order: SVU as tough-talkin' ADA Jo Marlowe, who also used to be Stabler's partner. When Marlowe meets Benson, her first question is this: "Have you two done it yet?" When Benson protests that Elliot is married, Marlowe laughs it off. "So?" she replies. What is she trying to say about her history with Stabler?

10. Oddest Reaction: On 90210, when Annie overhears her mom and dad fighting over her mom kissing another man, Annie's reaction is not to punch a pillow or smash something. Instead, she heads out to frolic in a public fountain, Friends-style. We'll add "illogical insanity" to the list of reasons we can't stand Annie.

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May 6, 2010 7:08PM EDT

The singing cadavers on Fringe were so wrong, so disturbing...and so funny.

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