Recap The Young and the Restless: Friday, July 30, 2010

Jack and Victor face off over Abby. At the Abbott mansion, Victor and Jack are tearing each other apart, just as Ashley arrives with her things. Ashley considers compromising with Abby. Jack informs Abby that they need to keep their alliance a secret. Later, Abby meets with Victor and Ashley and they decide to give her a portion of her trust as long as she agrees to no more public nudity. However, Abby plans to get her trust on her own.

As Sharon opens the door to Adam, Nick returns and demands to know what Adam is doing there. Nick demands Sharon and Faith return to Genoa City, but she refuses. At the cabin, something outside spooks Sharon and she grabs the gun and shoots, not realizing that she shot Adam.

Deacon tries to help Phyllis change her tire. He uses his shirt as bandage for Phyllis’s hand and refuses to leave. Deacon is forced to go to his place to call for help when he realizes that Phyllis’s spare is flat. Phyllis lets loose on Nick when he realizes that she followed him up to the cabin. Phyllis sees Nick returning to the car and uses Deacon to send a message as she grabs him and kisses him passionately.

Kevin learns Chance slept with Heather. Kevin asks Chloe to move back in with him. Chance is furious with Sid and Ronan for leaving Heather unprotected. Later, Chance runs into Chloe and informs her that Heather was almost killed because she was using Ronan to make him jealous. Later, Ronan and Chance end up in a heated fist-fight when Chance accuses Ronan of being a dirty cop. Christine drags Ronan and Chance apart and has to remind Ronan that he was fighting with his own brother.

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