Fringe Season 2, Episode 20: "Brown Betty" Review

I'm always supportive writers and producers trying out new ideas. After all, experimentation is how the art form advances. When I first heard about this "musical" episode of Fringe, I cringed, but after the initial shock and confusion, I decided it would be best to give this talented team a shot. And even though I would have preferred to see a more "normal" follow-up to last week's awesome tale, I'll give the show runners credit for doing a decent job with the tough task of integrating a serious sci-fi show with some lighthearted musical fun.

The episode opens right away with Walter, still despondent over Peter leaving, hitting a bong full of his own special blend of chronic which he dubs Brown Betty, and then going on a labeling spree. Olivia's niece Ella (whom Walter mistakenly calls Stella) pops up, and she requires babysitting, which gives us our pretense for this detective story/musical. This was not a "trippy" story, which was what I was hoping for, but it's understandable since Walter is just high on weed and not LSD. It's a more mellow tale following the style of old film noir detective series, with some modern updates and, of course, singing.

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