MEMPHIS BEAT ''I Want to be Free'' Review Episode 10

One of the things I love most about MEMPHIS BEAT is the immense size of Dwight's heart. It's gotta be about as big as that lovely car he drives because he's always helping everyone he can, no matter who they are. In tonight's episode, called I Want to be Free, Dwight is haunted by dreams about a little girl whose been dead for three years and whose killer Dwight never caught. When he is put on the case of a man who was shot and developed amnesia, Dwight starts putting together some evidence that connects him to the girl's death. But they also figure out that the person who shot the man was the little girl's brother and once again, Dwight ends up with another mega moral dilemma on his hands. He then tries to decide how to put away a man who doesn't remember committing a crime, as well as a boy who was angry over the death of his baby sister.

On this show, it's not just about catching the criminals. Sometimes it's also about getting them to admit to what they did and taking responsibility for their actions. Just tossing someone in jail who flat out denies any involvement in a crime is one thing, but getting a person to take a good long look at what they did, and more importantly to admit that fact to themselves and others, that is something else entirely.

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