WAREHOUSE 13 ''Merge with Caution'' Review Season 2, Episode 8

Pete, Myka, and Artie find themselves acting very unlike themselves on the Merge with Caution episode of WAREHOUSE 13. After chasing a jewel thief through a warehouse, Pete and Myka find a security guard who tells them where the thief went, but they lose him anyway. They do snag a griffin artifact, though, so they leave for their weekend off–Myka at a high school reunion, Pete in his bed with Kelly, unaware the griffin had worked some juju on them. They soon switch bodies only to eventually share a single body. Leena comes out of cold storage to save the day with some quick research. Back at the lab, Claudia learns that executives at an insurance agency have suddenly started giving a lot of money to free health clinics, so she and Artie head to Connecticut, where they find a woman named Lauren meeting with the executives in a bar and using Mata Hari’s stockings to seduce them into giving up their cash.

What a fun episode! The Pete-Myka switcheroo is hilarious. Of course Pete would touch Myka’s breasts and I love his “Dude, I wasn’t this much fun until tonight” and Three Stooges impression. Joanne Kelly is spot on in her stumbling Pete impression, and Eddie McClintock is no slouch, either. Don’t forget to sit down and don’t touch anything! Interesting artifact, too. I love that the griffin is actually one half of a lion and eagle bookends set and it`s a nice effect when they have the Myka-Pete body switching as they try to swap the heads. Very creative, especially since they’re from Robert Louis Stevenson. The exploding tub guy is gross, and I can’t help but wonder how you explain that to housekeeping,

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