Recap As The World Turns: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chris informs Tom that he’s interested in Katie and replacing Bob as Chief of Memorial. Katie breaks down in Margo’s arms about her inability to get over Brad. When Tom informs Margo that Chris has his sights set on Katie, she’s apprehensive. Later, Chris helps Katie make inroads with Henry.

Barbara’s credit card is used at a lingerie store, so Paul and Henry investigate. The store owner doesn’t recognize the picture of Barbara they show her. Later, the store owner calls Emily at home to say that she found an expensive bracelet at her store that could’ve been Barbara’s. Emily picks up the bracelet, but decides to get rid of the potential evidence. Paul catches her throwing away the bracelet.

Gwen and Will speculate whether or not Emily and Paul are capable of being behind Barbara’s disappearance.

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