'Lost' Season 6, Episode 3 - 'What Kate Does' Recap

As 'What Kate Does' unfolded, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that everything we're witnessing in the "post-Jughead worked" 2004 time-line is going to end up being very important. Of course, that could have been due to the fact that in this past week's Official 'Lost' Audio Podcast, Cuse and Lindelof essentially laid it bare for us -- there is no alternate reality happening here. What's going on in LA in 2004 and what's going on in 2007 on the island are both very real.

The question to ask is what effect actions in one time-line will have on the events in the other. As far as 'Lost' mindf#%ks go, this one is a doozie, because it's forced us to reevaluate everything we remember about these characters, right back to the pilot episode.

In that sense, last week's scenes on Oceanic 815 served as one giant "one of these things is not like the other" segments from 'Sesame Street.' There were endless differences between the first time we saw that flight and this second incarnation. But now, they're off the flight, let loose in LA, and 'What Kate Does' (a clever play on the season two ep 'What Kate Did') was our first true glimpse into what these characters do after getting off the plane (remember, not alt-reality, but actually happening).

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