'NCIS' Season 7, Episode 15 - 'Jack Knife' Recap Jack

Interesting episode of 'NCIS,' one that was somewhat fun, somewhat lighthearted, and even a little playful. Of course, there was still a dead body, and a chance for Gibbs to interact with an old adversary. We're a few weeks out from the Paris trip, but Tony and Ziva remain as cagey as ever about what happened... if anything happened at all in that hotel room. More on that and the 1971 Plymouth Barricuda hemi after the jump.

Gibbs was still on the mend from getting hit by a car saving McGee's life. And McGee was in dire need of rest from trying to keep up with the 'boss.' He even tried coffee with extra sugar, but caffeine only made McGee geekier.

There were a couple of strange connections on display, Jethro and Werth was one. Ducky suggested Gibbs felt responsible for Damon, like he owed him something. Perhaps it was more of an identification thing, with Gibbs seeing something of himself in the ex-Marine, Rambo type. Whatever, it put a potential dangerous animal -- McGee compared him to a bear -- in the midst. Damon Werth -- super Marine who washed out as a psyched out steroid case. Was he going to explode or remain true to the mission?

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Feb 10, 2010 4:01PM EST

i really really want to find out what happened on that Paris trip

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