127 Hours Trailer Climbs In

If you were among the lucky and proud few who got to experience some footage from Danny Boyle’s based-on-fact drama thriller 127 Hours at this year's Movie-Con, then give yourself a slow clap (sorry, just residual Man In LA jealousy, there). But everyone else? Celebrate! Because the trailer is now online over at Apple.

Hours follows Aaron Ralston (James Franco) as he endures a harrowing adventure in an isolated Utah canyon. After a fallen boulder crashes on his arm, Ralston has little to do but contemplate his life and figure out A) how he’s going to survive and B) how he’ll escape his predicament. The answer? To B), at least, it’s not pleasant.

Frankly, we can’t wait for this one and once you get a look at the trailer, we figure you’ll be ready to sign on too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

127 Hours should be in our cinemas by the end of the year, following its November 5 US release.

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