THE DEEP (BBC) ''Everything Put Together Falls Apart'' Review Episode 4

While watching episode 4 of THE DEEP, 'Everything Put Together Falls Apart', I came to three realisations. The first was that with three ‘big name’ stars, the BBC apparently had no money to hire a scientific advisor. The second was that the stars obviously didn’t read the scripts properly. The third was that I should have known this series was awful - the BBC had virtually no promotion for it.

In this episode we finally find out Catherine’s world changing secret: lava bugs. These tiny little things, found in sedimentary mud near the arctic oil deposits, excrete hydrogen. It would be a great source of sustainable power for the world - but the Russians don’t want to lose the money they would gain from selling the oil under the arctic. Then they find out that these bugs can also excrete acid when outside of the mud, which is what’s ruining the hull of the Volos (and decimated the hull of the Hermes). The bug samples Catherine collected were killed by the mysterious Russian beam from episode 1, so they need to collect more.

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