UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Maximum Insecurity'' Review

UNNATURAL HISTORY's tenth episode, called Maximum Insecurity found our heroes facing thieves, computers and Graphic Con in a bid to protect their beloved museum-and a multi-million dollar state of the art computer.

The museum needs a new security upgrade and under this pretence thieves break into the Smithson whilst it is under lockdown. Unfortunate for Henry, Jasper and Maggie who find themselves trapped in the museum after some tutoring, fortunate for the museum, which must rely on this trio to protect it and its priceless contents. The rest of the episode focuses on the cat and mouse game played between the trio and the thieves.

There are some very funny parts: I laughed at Henry's monologue of threats over the walkie talkie that was ruined when the baddie said dryly that he had not pushed the on button. Jordan Garavis playing Jasper was nothing short of hilarious. His reaction shots: priceless.

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