Private Practice Rundown: Episode 22, "Yours, Mine, and Ours"

So, I wouldn't say a whole lot gets resolved on the season finale of Private Practice. The episode is basically one big custody battle, with characters fighting for control of their children, their lovers, and their entire lives. And then, in the second half, it becomes a bit of a horror movie. Ready to talk about it? Just read more.

Guys, this twist with Violet and Katie and the baby is messed up! As Amy Brenneman hinted, Violet's baby's in trouble - as is Violet herself. Katie turns up at Oceanside and appears immediately to be off her meds, almost manic. But Violet and Pete can't come up with any reason to have her hospitalized - a decision Violet pays for dearly when Katie shows up at her house and drugs her, paralyzing her from the neck down. Soon, Katie's whipping out surgical equipment, preparing to take back the baby she believes Violet stole. Logic doesn't stop her (Katie seems oddly aware of what a crazy thing she's doing), and Violet can't fight back. And of course Cooper chooses this one time to pick Charlotte over Violet, meaning he doesn't discover the gruesome scene. As the show fades to black, Katie's getting ready to cut, with Violet seemingly resigned to the fact that she'll die. All she can do is beg Katie to be good to her boy. On the Shonda Rhimes scale (remember, the woman killed Meredith Grey, put a bomb in a body, and brought back Denny), how crazy is this?

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May 21, 2009 12:49AM EDT

OMFG its like saw all over again.. are they really gona let this happen to violet!?!?!?!

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