Dancing with the Stars Season 9, Episode 6: Monday, Oct. 5, 2009 - Recap

The remaining 13 couples take on either the rumba or samba in Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. Can Aaron Carter and Mya hang onto the top spot? Can Tom DeLay climb out of last place? And more importantly, will his foot hold up? Find out below!

It's Latin night, y'all! And things are already heating up with drama. No, I'm not even talking about Paula Abdul sitting in the audience (next to Lance Bass, no less). Sam tells us Tom DeLay's pre-stress fracture in his foot has taken a turn for the worse. Ruh-oh. Will he dance? Something tells me he will. The Hammer never says die.

Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer: Rumba

Mark needs to take it down a notch for the slow-burning rumba, so he tries talking slowly. Now if only the rumba required talking. He starts off flirting with his wife before turning his undivided attention to Lacey. Mark's slowed down his pace, but not by much. It seems very forced and almost like his legs are jealous of how fast his hips are going. There's also a gentleness that's missing from it, which kind of takes you out of the whole routine. I think his martial arts background is holding him back here. He's used to being choppy and precise, not connected and flowy. Lacey is certainly doing her part though - although those crotch flashes made me extremely nervous. Len finds it too hard and aggressive, and wants more chemistry between them. Bruno thinks it's an anti-climax and he, uh, basically wants one. Carrie Ann wants him to find his sensuality and says it was uncomfortable to watch. Hey, now. Tom hasn't hit the floor yet.

Score: 18

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: Samba

Joanna takes 423 of the 426 hair extensions off her head this week, but is still seemingly unrecognizable. Derek tries to teach her the ambitious samba roll in anticipation of Len's return to the judges' table. He swings in from the back and for once they make great use of the floor. Joanna is shaking it, but she's still a little sloppy in her footwork at certain parts. Maybe it's the quickness of the routine or the complexity of Derek's choreography, but she needs to buckle down and nail the moves. It's a vibrant routine and they survive the roll at the end, although I did think she was going to tip over at one point. Bruno loves the excitement, but wants her to work on her strength. Carrie Ann thinks she's fearless and calls the routine super-sexy. Len is in love with the quality and basically goes overboard with the praise. Guess that week off cooled him down?

Score: 23

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