Recap - Persons Unknown 1.06 "The Truth"

"The Truth" opens with Joe running around the town square. McNair sits in his window, watching. Moira asks McNair if he has noticed anything unusual about Joe. No, McNair replies, and that's the problem. Joe is acting in such a routine fashion, he must know that he's being watched. "So what do we do?" Moira asks. McNair responds, "Keep watching." In San Francisco, Renbe receives a phone call. The caller warns him that not only is he in danger, but since he brought Kat into his investigation, she is in danger too. He runs to her apartment and finds Kat tied up. When he frees her, he asks Kat if she was tied up by Men in Blue (MIB). She says that she was. They move to leave, but two MIB bust through the door. They train their guns on Renbe, so Kat picks up something heavy and knocks one of the men out with it. When the other MIB turns, Renbe hits him with a chair. They run out of the apartment and down the stairs, with the MIB in hot pursuit. As Renbe and Kat wind down the stairs, the MIB play the part of every bad guy chasing the good guys down the stair, and shoot wildly, unable to hit them. A man with a gun blocks the bottom of the stairs. It's Reddick. He points his gun toward them, but shoots the MIB above. He warns Renbe and Kat that the MIB usually travel in groups of three, so they should escape pronto. They jump in Reddick's car and speed away. Reddick warns them that if they don't leave San Francisco, they will be killed. Kat screams her head off about wanting to know what's happening, that is until Reddick knocks her out with the butt of his gun. He tells Renbe that he picked up their passports, and booked them two flights to Rome. If they want to live, they need to be on that plane.

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