'Project Runway' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Here Today, Gone Today

Designers. . . Project Runway is back and not a moment too soon. More eyerolls from Tim. More oddly pronounced words from Heidi and who hasn't missed Nina Garcia's disapproving glare? Will we find another Santino? A Christian Siriano? A Daniel Franco? It all begins right now.

The hardest thing the producers of Project Runway have to do every year is find a way of introducing the designers that gives you a bit of background without boring you to death. Nice try, but no. This year they decided to do these strange blind-date meetups involving transportation.

AJ and Sarah meet at the airport baggage claim. Casanova, Kristin and McKell stand on a grand staircase at Grand Central Station. And I don't even understand why Mondo, Nicholas and Peach are on the ferry. Did they come over from Jersey?

All 17 designers finally merge into a single tallest to shortest line and then Heidi hits them with a sad, sad fact. None of you are on the show yet. The audition isn't over. Someone is going home tonight. Oh no!

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