24 Season 8 Episode 18 Recap: 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.

As the hour opens, Jack is a complete mess, and understandably so - he just saw Renee shot to death and is now wandering around the ER wearing a shirt stained with her blood. Thankfully, one of the doctors takes the initiative to grab him a new shirt and a pair of boots for his bare feet.

Once Chloe calls to offer her condolences, though, Jack snaps back into being Jack, demanding to see the recently MIA Papa Bazhaev, who is currently CTU's only lead. Chloe isn't quite so willing to circumvent the official channels and processes now that she's running CTU, but she ultimately relents and tells Jack where Bazhaev's bail hearing is being held (which, unsurprisingly, he's denied).

Then it's time for a little face-to-face chat, and once again, Jack goes right into threatening the family. "Let me explain myself. This agent Renee Walker. I considered her to be my family," he tells Bazhaev. "So take a long, hard look into my eyes and realize that I will have no problem taking out any of yours before they even get home today."

That, and a promise that the remaining members of the Bazhaev clan will be put into witness protection, is enough to get an admission that high-ranking members of the Russian government were behind Renee's murder. With help, of course, from our favorite CTU mole, Dana Walsh.

Meanwhile, the former President Logan sets about exercising his "leverage" over Novakovich, interrupting the Russian foreign minister's breakfast to openly accuse him of orchestrating President Hassan's assassination. Logan's ultimatum is simple: tell President Taylor that Russia will sign the peace agreement, or else. "If neither of us hears from you before I get there, I'm afraid what I'll have to tell her is the unvarnished truth."

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