Preview of Season 3 Premiere "We're Already Here"

The third season of TNT crime drama Saving Grace is set to air tonight with an episode called "We're Already Here." On it, Grace (Holly Hunter) tries to reach out to Neely - the young drug addict who shares visions of Earl (Leon Rippy) - but ends up in the middle of what looks to be a plot by an anti-government group linked to the recent death of a police officer. Things don't go the way she planned, as her unconventional methods led to an injury. Elsewhere, Grace and Ham (Kenny Johnson) are caught in a compromising position, while Butch makes a surprise announcement.

When we left things on the sophomore season finale, Grace and Rhetta Laura San Giacomo) had the same dream where Grace is shot in a convenience store robbery. They then trooped to the dream's real world counterpart - a local gas station - to search for clues. Surprisingly, they indeed encountered a girl from the dream. Meanwhile, Leon's execution date was upon him on death row, while Earl tried to give him strength.

Elsewhere, Grace ventured into watching an old family video and was shocked to find out that Leon was friends with her late sister Mary Frances. She started understanding why she and Leon were brought together, and had a strong desire to save him. As a result, she started calling the governor incessantly, even stopping his motorcade in order to plead Leon's case. All her efforts were in vain, however, as Father Johnny, Rhetta, and finally she all went to Leon's side before his execution.

The team then encountered a case of a home intruder shot dead by a gun-toting grandma, and it wasn't as clear-cut as they initially thought. Meanwhile, Ham finally found out that his divorce had been finalized, but the act didn't give him enough closure, so he finally became honest with his ex-wife. The second season of Saving Grace ended with Grace finding herself - once again - at a purple door.

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