Top Moments: Betty, 24's Renee - and Who Else? - Say Goodbye

Lots of things came to an end this week on TV - for better and for worse. Blair dumped Chuck on Gossip Girl and House's Cameron and Chase signed their divorce papers. Jack got up for a glass of water, and in an instant, his 24 lady-love Renee was killed by a sniper. But not all the endings were bad. Dean finally outsmarted Zachariah on Supernatural, Betty Suarez got her happily-ever-after, and Melrose Place went out - we think - with a slap. Welcome to Top Moments: Hard to Say Goodbye Edition.

13. Second Most Tearful "I Do": Cate spends Life Unexpected's season finale grappling with her feelings for Baze while prepping for her wedding to Ryan. But this isn't The Graduate: Though Baze storms the church, it's immediately after Cate and Ryan exchange vows. Jeez, Baze is late for everything.

12. Best Family Resemblance: Brothers & Sisters' Kevin (Matthew Rhys) comes unhinged when he learns that an awkward teenage fistfight actually led to his pal being paralyzed, a fact his parents neglected to mention for more than 20 years. "What have I done?" he asks, as his face crumples in a very Sally Field-esque mask of worry lines. Like mother, like son.

11. Best Resurrection: In Supernatural's 100th episode, it seems like a beaten-down Dean has agreed to become Michael's vessel. But with a smile and a wink, Dean outsmarts and kills Zachariah, avoiding becoming the archangel's meat suit. And that's how Dean Winchester gets his groove - and his faith - back.

10. Best Motif: The pilot episode of Treme underscores the importance of music to the people of New Orleans with two telling moments. Antoine Batiste opens the hour by playing his trombone in a raucous second-line parade, the first since Hurricane Katrina. It's a stellar setup for the final scene of him blowing his horn in a funeral march.

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