whats with sakura.

is sakura from any special family clan. all the other ninjas are from a special clan.

ino-her family uses mind techniques.

shino-family use bugs

choji-his family enlarges body parts

kiba-his family uses dogs

hinat and neji- their familys use the byakugan

sasuke- has the sharingan

Shikamaru- his family uses shadow possession.

not all of them are from a special can but they got mad skill.

lee-super strong and fast

tenten- shes a weapon expert

naruto- he has the nine tails

sakura has super strength and she is a medical ninja but come on the show makes her pathetic. is embarrasing how someone like sakura can seem so pathetic.



Jul 27, 2009 2:43AM EDT

Oh, she makes me want to throw something at her in the early canon... but as soon as Sasuke leaves, she starts to grow. By the time we get to Shippuuden, she is a REAL kunoichi, and no longer embarrasses me just by being a female. That always used to make me so mad, that the main female character was such a weakling... but she grows up eventually and becomes a power to rival Tsunade... and that's definitely saying something. :-O
Not everyone can come from a "special" family, otherwise the adjective would mean nothing.

Default avatar cat
Aug 6, 2009 3:10AM EDT

Well she does have inner sakura so that's a plus. Maybe her families special power is the Inner Person :D. (Inner Sakura) is the Black and White drawing next to sakura when she has inner dialogue in the earlier episodes of the Naruto series.

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