Survivor: Samoa: Watching Natalie Grow Up

When Survivor: Samoa began, like many other fans, I had an idea of who'll make an impact and who will be eliminated early on. For some of you who saw my power rankings over the past few weeks, you would've noticed that I always put Natalie on the bottom ranks. Admittedly, I never really held her in high regard.

Come to think of it. At the very beginning she was one of Russell's "dumb blondes", the people who he struck alliances with early on, only to eliminate when the deed is done, like Marisa. When she got eliminated, it felt Russell would kick her out soon, especially after having found more reliable allies in Mick and Jaison. The gender lines being drawn then on Foa Foa wasn't helping, either. Liz was the most vocal of the females, and Natalie was just hanging on to her (or to Russell, although she was still dispensable). When Liz got voted off, Natalie's demise seemed inevitable. What else could a naive Southern belle do?

Maybe the merge did save her, but I still thought Galu would kick her out first. After all, they're still undergoing a Foa Foa purge. If things went differently the guys would have banded together and Natalie would be left stranded, shivering, and willing to extinguish her flame. Maybe Natalie would've stuck with Russell, but he would've deemed her useless to him, especially since he would have other alliances to explore. Whatever the case is, I always thought she would go and I wouldn't care much about it.

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