Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 24 - ...Must Come to an End

Joey, Pacey, Dawson and Jack are in the hospital with Grams while Jen is being examined. Grams tells them Jen has always had a heart condition but they didn't find it until she got pregnant. The doctor comes out of Jen's room and calls out for Grams. She speaks to him then comes back to tell them to go home and rest because it's nothing serious. Jack decides to stay, Dawson, Joey and Pacey leave. In the car, Pacey makes a joke about them as a love triangle. Joey's boyfriend, Christopher, calls her on her mobile. When she answers, Dawson wisely points out: And the triangle becomes a square. Well put, my friend. Well put, Pacey replies.

Back in the hospital, Grams is called by the doctor once again. After they speak she turns to Jack and cries in his arms. He then enters her room and she tries to chit chat but he is in too much of a shock to do so. He cries to her and she explains exactly what is wrong with her, and then tells him she needs their usual meaningless conversation to get past all that is happening. He lays in her arms and they talk about the male nurse he flirted with to get inside her room after visiting hours.

Then, Jack goes over to the Ice House and gives Pacey the sad news, then to the Potter's B&B to tell Bessie and Joey then calls Dawson on the phone. They are all in shock. Dawson's doorbell rings. It is Joey. She looks at him with wet eyes. He holds her and they cry.

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