Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Truth Unrevealed" Episode 6

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Ryan and Cate's job are in jeopardy and the only person who can save them is - you guessed it - Baze. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get Jones to drop the charges against Bug, Lux gets a little too close for comfort, which leads to a huge blow up with her boyfriend.

Another rainy day in Portland starts with Ryan and Cate waking up for work. Before the pair can wake up in a...let's just say a more than friendly way, Cate runs into Baze in their bathroom. Baze has been passing out at their place while hanging out with Lux and has made himself quite at home. Ryan is not pleased to have Baze around all the time. "I just want less Baze in our lives," he says. "Does that make me a bad guy?"

Lux, on the other hand, has more important things to deal with, namely Bug's arraignment for stealing Jones' car. At the courthouse, Bug is hesitant to take a plea bargain and asks Lux to get Jones to drop the case.

Jamie notes that Baze is losing his game because he's been spending so much time with Lux. So he can show he has gotten busy, Baze admits that he slept with Cate. "You have a thing for Cate," Jamie says. Now he has to prove he's not in love with her by sleeping with some random woman. He meets an uptight lady at a coffee shop, but his skills are definitely rusty.

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