24 Episode Recap: "12:00 AM-1:00 AM" Season 8, Episode 9

In an action-packed hour, yet another bad guy goes down, while Jack gets just the motivation he needs to see this crazy day through.

As the hour begins, Josef has arrived at the drop point where he plans to meet with Farhad. But before President Hassan's traitorous brother shows up, Josef gets a call from Papa Bazhaev, with Jack and others at CTU dialed into the party line. Amazingly, Sergei manages to convince his son to turn the nuclear rods over to CTU in exchange for the immunity deal he's negotiated.

Unfortunately for Josef, Farhad and his men are also listening in and watching through the scope of a rifle. As soon as Josef turns to leave, they take him out, and the rods are on the move again.

Assuming he really is dead, I'll be sorry to see David Anders go. He was one of the best new recruits to come on board this season, and more likable than many of the so-called good guys (cough, Dana Walsh).

Speaking of Dana, after Arlo has tipped off her fiancé that she's been taking meetings outside of work, Ortiz decides to go AWOL to find out what she's up to. And man is she up to something - screwing a silencer onto her pistol with apparent plans to settle the issue of Kevin-Ex and his buddy's blackmail once and for all.

Ortiz interrupts just in the nick of time, and he and his off-and-on Brooklyn accent want some answers! So Dana finally fesses up to her real name, her deal with Kevin, her sordid past. With that, Ortiz leaps into action, descending on the van where the two losers are holed up and ordering them at gunpoint to take their $100,000 and leave New York for good

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