One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance" Season 7, Episode 18

With Brooke convinced that Alex and Julian slept together, she's on a rampage to get revenge. Her first mission succeeds: As the costume designer, she dresses up the lead in Julian's film as the "lovechild between Richard Simmons and a Village Person." She's further enraged when she hears Alex on the phone gushing about her sexcapades, which ends in a full on knock-out punch care of Brooke's fist and Alex's eye. Finally, Alexander, Brooke's new co-worker, sets her straight and admits that he was the one sleeping with Alex. Brooke realizes she's been a fool and "bitched out the one man who makes my world turn." But as she talks through it all with her mom - it's still weird to see the two close - she's reminded that the best part of the entire situation is that Julian did not ever sleep with Alex. Brooke apologizes to Alex and goes to find Julian. "I'm in love with you, Julian, I always will be ... Love is crazy and I've been crazy," she says to him. And then he finally kisses her. The kicker of the storyline is that although Alexander slept with Alex, he's actually the man Victoria has had a thing with. He tries to explain that she's different and that he slept with Alex but likes Victoria. So, she smacks him - and then kisses him. What do you think of this new coupling?

While Clay is on the quest to sign new clients, he seeks out rising tennis pro Katie, who appears to be his deceased wife Sara's doppelganger (conveniently played by the same actress). It's too much for him, and while Clay tells Katie he can't be her agent, the girl has a crush and goes all stalker on him. She finds a picture on the Internet of Sara, sees the resemblance, and dies her hair. It looks like we have a new Crazy Carrie on the horizon.

Mouth apologizes for asking Lauren out and blames it on the alcohol. Although Lauren responds that she'd rather be his partner-in-crime than his rebound from Millie, it turns out that she's more afraid that with Skills gone, Mouth would be her rebound. She says, "What the hell," just before she kisses him - and right before Skills walks in the door after returning from LA.

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