Long Promo - Supernatural Season 6

Late last week we posted three short promos for the upcoming season 6 premiere of Supernatural, which will air on Friday, September 24 (view them here and here).

But now, thank you, thank you, thank you to Ausiello for the first full-length, over a minute long trailer for Supernatural season 6!

The trailer below is cool. It’s dark, it’s full of a lot of our favorite characters, and it’s got a shirtless Sammy! Doing pull-ups! GAH! That’s Sera Gamble going “yeah, ladies, you’re WELCOME!” Thank you, Sera.

Based on behind the scenes photos we’ve seen, as well as footage from Comic Con, I recongize scenes from the season premiere, as well as episodes 6.03 and 6.04. So it’s probably safe to assume at least some footage is from each of the four episodes of the new season. Check out the promo below and enjoy it! Less than two weeks until the new premiere.

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