One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Asleep at Heaven's Gate" Season 8, Episode 1

Welcome to One Tree Hill Season 8. As creator Mark Schwahn promised, the episode opened with Haley writing, "Dear Lucas," as she explained how Jamie misses him, the river court misses him -- she misses him. Then we flash to the final moments of last season's finale. Brooke and Julian are blissfully happy, Haley tells Nathan she's pregnant and Quinn and Clay are shot down by Clay's crazy stalker Katie. Only this time, there's a different version of the ending, where Clay was dreaming and he and Quinn are just fine.

As Nathan prepares to leave for training camp, he and Haley break the exciting news to their son that they have another baby on the way. This leads to the birds-and-bees talk. Except Nathan's version involves comparing a basketball hoop to a uterus and Haley's is about their rabbit Chester falling in love. Both leave Jamie more confused than ever, so he resorts to Google. One search of "lady rabbit sex" and he's scarred for life.

At Tric, Mia surprises Chase, but then is shocked right back when Alex shows up and says, "Morning, boyfriend." When Mia leaves, Alex and Chase discuss their current situation now that the ex is back. "I know I like you, Alex," he assures her. But she must be somewhat insecure because she goes to Red Bedroom Records to tell Mia, "I hope there's no hard feelings." When Mia quips, "It's what you do, right, break up couples?" Alex fires back, "By the way, I plan to make him happier than you ever did."

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