COMMUNITY ''The Psychology of Letting Go'' Review

The gang faces their mortality when Pierce's mother dies and Jeff learns he has high cholesterol in the The Psychology of Letting Go episode of COMMUNITY. Meanwhile, Britta and Annie face off and Abed is in his own world for the episode.

It's apparently religion week on television: Glee, Modern Family, and now Community. While Troy is upset about Pierce's mom's death since he found her body and all, Pierce believes she has been vaporized and is now in a lava lamp. Do people in your religion ever take liquid form, like the children in The Abyss or children's Tylenol? I'm with Pierce's mom re: death, but Jeff really is only focused on his own cholesterol issues and not Pierce (You're worshipping yourself and now that your god has high cholesterol, you're trying to kick Pierce's in the balls.), so I'm glad he and Troy finally let Pierce believe what he wants that's about as good a freedom of religion message as you can get.

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