Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

Wedding bells rang in New York City this week, and this time the happy couple was Dorota and Vanya. Naturally, the joyous event went off without a hitch. Oh, who are we kidding? In true Gossip Girl tradition, the nuptials were surrounded by drama, including a hookup, a breakup, lies and schemes.

The Happy Couple

Dorota was in hysterics as the episode began because her parents were going to be visiting her soon and they had no idea she was pregnant and unmarried. Eleanor suggested a quick trip to city hall, but Dorota explained that she did this for her first marriage in Poland (Dorota revealed that she's a divorcee!), and because she did not follow tradition, that marriage was cursed. Chuck stepped up to save the day and offered to throw Dorota and Vanya a traditional Polish-Russian wedding (despite my last name, I have no insight into whether the traditions on display were indeed accurate). Of course, Chuck's motives were more about repairing his fractured relationship with Blair than helping Dorota, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless.

Cyrus was also in a very generous mood: He got Dorota and Vanya an apartment in Queens as a wedding present. Initially, Eleanor balked at this because she felt such a gift was too extravagant for her maid. Cyrus pointed out that Dorota was more than just a maid and that she practically raised Blair. This was obviously a sore spot with Eleanor, however, after Eleanor witnessed a warm moment of Dorota comforting an upset Blair, she told Cyrus that he was right, Dorota was indeed family - and she even went so far as to admit that she herself could have been a better mother to Blair.

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