24 Episode 17 Recap: 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M. Season 8

In this hour's stunning final minutes, Jack suffers a personal loss that is sure to haunt him well beyond the series' final moments.

As the hour opens, Jack apologizes to President Taylor for letting Hassan die, after he had promised her he'd save the former president of Kamistan. (She tells Jack it's not his fault.) Jack also pleads with her to keep the peace agreement alive. (She tells him that's impossible.)

Renee tries the same, reassuring Jack, "You did everything you could." But his reply is familiar to longtime fans: "It wasn't enough." As always, nobody's harder on Jack than he is!

While Jack has his pity-party, a Russian "EMT" sticks a needle into Samir's neck, injecting a fatal toxin that will soon put down yet another 24 baddie before he can talk. The assassin then slips away undetected to place a call to his boss, Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Novakovich (Graham McTavish), who previously had told Taylor that if Hassan died, his country would no longer support the peace agreement.

It seems this "EMT" recognized Renee at the crime scene from her undercover days with the Russian mafia - and though Novakovich seems unconcerned by her presence, his underling is determined to get rid of her ... and Jack, just for good measure.

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