Recap: "Exposed"

This episode's title is perhaps the most fitting one yet in this volume. Claire's attempt to hide Aquaman Alex, Nathan's plot to collect "terrorist" heroes, Matt's vulnerabilities and pieces of Sylar's past are all exposed over the course of the hour. Still, some things remain hidden, including Rebel's identity and where exactly Angela's loyalty lies. So which heroes' exposure led to greener pastures, and whose brought only more problems? Let's find out!

Aquaman goes off the deep end

When Sandra realizes that Claire has been hiding Alex in her closet, she's more than a little upset, but not for the same reasons that most protective mothers would be. (Despite Claire's lie about having sex, Alex quickly lets Sandra know there was no hanky panky involved.) No, Sandra is angry with Claire because she brought the attention of the government program to their house in the form of a pool cleaners van that's been perched outside the house for nearly four hours.

So what's a mom to do? Make a fake ID! Combining Alex's picture with Lyle's driver's license, she provides Alex with a new identity for the trip to Albuquerque that the Bennett gals have planned for him. But before they can ship him out, they have to escape the "pool cleaners." While they form a plan, things get a little steamy between Alex and Claire, who are stopped just short of kissing when agents barge in the house. Thanks to a handy hiding place, the agents find nothing, but they don't give up the stakeout. So, Sandra reaches into her bag of tricks once again, and heads to the movies with Lyle in order to give Claire and Alex a chance to sneak out the back.

Of course, the diversion doesn't work as well as it should, and a foot chase ensues. Claire stumbles down a hill and Alex comes tumbling after, landing on top of Claire. The sexual tension continues to bubble, but there's no time for puppy love...until they dive into a nearby pool to hide. They stay below water to avoid being seen, but Claire's air runs low. Rather than swimming up for air, however, Alex stops her, and uses his ability to give her a little underwater mouth-to-mouth.

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