'The Office': Back on Track Season 7, Episode 3

It is impossible not to view every episode of The Office season 7 through the lens of Michael's future departure. Every bad joke, smirk, blank stare, and awkward moment coming from Michael reminds me just how much I'm going to miss having our boss around next season. The good news is, the first three episodes of The Office season 7 have worked hard to remind me that there are other people on this show that I love, and will continue to love, as long as the show lasts (so long as they keep up the good work).

This week's episode, "Andy's Play," did a remarkable job of reminding me why I fell in love with The Office to begin with. Sure the episode had severely uncomfortable moments (Michael finding out he didn't get a part in the play was devastatingly funny) but it also had surprisingly touching moments. Early fans of The Office tuned in every week not only to see what shenanigans Michael was up to, but also wanted to follow the touching "will they or wont they" relationship drama of Jim and Pam. Aside from Michael's dalliance with Holly, there hasn't been much relationship drama on The Office to fill my craving, especially now that Jim and Pam are domesticated.

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