Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 5 - Rewitched

Paige is meeting with Billie and discussing three dead innocents who died near hospitals. Paige is reluctant to let Billie get involved but finally lets her go over to check it out, after having her leave her vanquish potions behind. In the streets, a disguised demon is asking someone to help him with his pregnant wife but dematerializes and sends a burst of flying red imps after the person who ran to help. Billie hears him and goes to help, taking out some of them and taking a wound to her right shoulder, and the rest flee. She gets the badly wounded innocent to the hospital while Agent Murphy watches her from a distance.

Piper and Paige are discussing Piper wanting Paige to help them with a speed-dating get-together at P3. Leo comes in with an ill Chris – Wyatt is with their father’s. Phoebe comes in to reveal she’s ovulating and that she’s heading off to Napa with Dex. Piper decides to rope Billie in as well and Paige wants to know how her mission went. Billie ducks off to answer the doorbell, and it’s Agent Murphy, who wants to talk to her.

The demon, Antosis, is berating the Imp Master for failing, and reveals he’s planning to use them to cement his hold on the area. Murphy wants Billie to come clean about why she’s in the Manor and what she knows about the Halliwells, and leaves his number. Billie explains to the sisters that Murphy was involved, and that she had to use her powers. The sisters decide they can’t do anything against the demon without blowing their cover so they have to act normal, but Phoebe is no longer in the mood and it becomes clear their plan isn’t working well.

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