Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 6 - Kill Billie: Vol. 1

Piper is venting over pumpkin carving and the fact they’re being hounded by movie producers, since everyone wants to know how they’re tied into Homeland Security, and Paige tries to reassure her. Billie wanders in and says she’ll handle a demon she’s been tracking, They’re interrupted by the arrival of more reports hounding them.

Piper is organizing the candy for Halloween the next day when Paige notices they have rats. Piper is unconcerned about them – she transformed a few reporters. Paige wants Phoebe to talk to the lead reporter, Seth Perra, and convince him to leave them alone. Piper reluctantly goes ahead and transformed them back and sends them running.

Leo manages to get past the reporters as Paige goes out to handle them. Paige meets with Phoebe who is concerned about the fact Dex hasn’t got back to her since she revealed she’s a witch. She reveals that Seth is trying to win his reputation back after he revealed a source and got her killed. Then Phoebe reveals that she’s pregnant by Dex.

A demon at Magic School, the Dogan, is planning on taking power by killing other demons, and plans to rise again to lead after learning of the return of the Charmed Ones. It’s the demon Billie has been tracking and she show sup – she recognizes the demon from her childhood. The demon hears her and she flees, and the demon spots the vanquish potions she dropped.

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