Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 7 - The Lost Picture

Billie is scrying for her sister up in the attic when Paige walks in. Elsewhere a demon is in a shop and magically frees a man from a photo collage with 12 others. The demon tells the man, J.D., that he’s no longer of use to him. The demon attacks J.D. who manages to knock him out temporarily with a military-type “blood pinch,” then J.D. runs into the street. He’s hit by a car and the demon tells the people to call 911.

At the Manor, Piper and Leo are still fighting, and Paige is reapplying at Social Services. Phoebe is looking at adoption after her breakup with Dex. Paige suggests they see a marriage counselor again and after Leo leaves, Sam, Paige’s father, orbs in.

The demon, Vaklav, is passing himself off at the hospital and checking up on J.D, while Sam reveals that J.D. is his charge and disappeared in 1955 and hasn’t aged since then. Sam wants Paige to help him out and she calls Phoebe, who is busy filling out a form to set herself up with a sperm donor. Piper is similarly unhappy since Leo’s dragging her to a Soothsayer to help with their marriage problems. They track down the guy, a gardener, while Paige brings in Agent Murphy. They spot J.D. being taken out by Vaklav and Murphy goes after him, dodging a fireball. Vaklav is immune to gunfire and teleports out, stopping him from getting away with J.D.

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