Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 8 - Battle of the Hexes

Piper is making arrangements to get a band into the club without much luck while Leo is preparing to play golf with a booker. Phoebe shows up and reveals Agent Murphy wants them to go through old case files for him and that she's busy looking for love.

Piper and Phoebe go to the warehouse filled with files but Piper quickly slips out to meet with the booker, leaving Phoebe on her own. At the Magic School, another demon, Zira, wants a route to power when she's interrupted by the head demon, Ti, who wants to know how the potion-making is going. Zira isn't happy and plans to eliminate all male demons. In Billie is attending a lecture about the battle of the sexes and is dubious about the teacher's assertion the sexes need each other.

Piper is meeting with the booker, Smitty, about her inability to get bands in, and the guy offers to get a "chick band" in, and Piper isn't happy with his dismissive attitude or that Leo is playing along with it. Paige is in an alley trying to meet with her new charge, Speed, who is a street punk at a crossroad. She sees him get grabbed by another guy and interrupts รข€“ Speed isn't too happy with her help. Then a parole officer shows up and arrests him for consorting with a known felon. Phoebe ropes in Billie to help her and Billie finds a belt that she puts on, transforming her into a new superhero-like outfit.

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