Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 10 - Vaya Con Leos

Leo and Piper are checking out an old truck that Leo plans on remodeling. Piper reluctantly gives in but as Leo goes off to close the deal, Piper sees the Angel of Death in the street watching them.

At the Manor, Piper briefs Paige on the sighting and Paige is skeptical but Piper wonders if she’s imagining something to make up for the fact her life is going well. Paige uses it as an excuse to break up her “date” with Henry, but Piper insists she go on the date. At Magic School, Billie and Phoebe are waiting to lure out the demon that took Billie’s sister when Piper calls up Phoebe to check. The demon shows and Billie confronts him about Christy. The demon knows about Christy and another demon shows up and teleports both demons out.

Henry and Paige chat over lunch but they quickly end it when he’s relatively indifferent and the “date” doesn’t go as planned. Paige is disappointed when they split the bill and heads out. Piper goes out to the garage to get Leo as she goes into over-protective mode. She kisses him and says she loves him, then goes up into the attic to summon the Angel of Death. He appears and claims he was doing her a favor - he’s going to take Leo and feels bad about it. He wants to give her time to say goodbye and warns she doesn’t have much time, and he doesn’t know why. After he leaves why, Piper casts a spell to hide and protect Leo. She hears a crash from the garage and goes to check it out, but he’s fine. Then Paige calls to tell Piper that every man in the city is now...Leo.

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