Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 11 - Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Billie has Phoebe pursuing her theory of some kind of corporate conspiracy, but Phoebe is skeptical. Billie’s parents Carl and Helen are coming and Phoebe plans to get them relaxed and find out more about her sister Christy, but Billie is skeptical and has a plan to use an enchanted piece of paper to check out a kidnap victim to see if he’s magical. Phoebe loans Billie her car, but only if Billie uses it to pick up her parents. As they leave, they’re unaware that a batch of flowers have wilted and died when Billie talked about her parents “sucking the life” out of the place.

Piper is giving instructions to her manager at the club and making recordings of her life for Leo. Phoebe is having trouble with her column while Billie meets with the guy, Rod Davlos, and gives him the paper when his cousin Grant Pelham barges in and they argue about taking the company public. When she leaves, a female demon, Nanta, appears to Davlos and warns him to be careful of approaching the sisters, and that she put Davlos in power to take over the company, and will now handle Billie. Paige meets with Henry and they set up a date.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are in town and notice a robbery going down when Billie arrives. Nanta witnesses Billie picking them up. Back at the manor Phoebe is working on her column about twin brothers and their issues and is overwhelmed by the boys’ noise and Piper’s requests for help. Billie arrives early and they have dinner. Everyone’s rather tense and Paige quickly ducks out to meet with Henry. The Jenkins try and make a hasty exit but Billie demands to talk to them about Christy. Billie accuses them of being cold-hearted assassins and they transform into...cold-hearted assassins.

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