Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 12 - Payback's A Witch

Piper is preparing for Wyatt’s third birthday when an Elder arrives to reassure of her deal that Leo will be restored when they defeat the great evil they’re up against. The Elder tries to reassure Piper about Wyatt acting up and gets a pie in the face for his efforts.

Billie is torturing a possessor demon, Rohtul, up in the attic for information on the symbol from her sister’s diary but not getting anywhere. Piper bursts in and isn’t happy with the possible interruption to the party – the demon escapes during their discussion. Billie takes off while Phoebe tries to reassure Piper then volunteers to talk to Wyatt. Rohtul reports back to the demons at the Magic School and one of the demons knows who is responsible – a demon as dangerous as the Charmed Ones. They vow to destroy Billie and Rohtul coordinates an attack plan.

Billie goes to a bank where Paige is helping Henry to get Nick Edwards, one of Henry’s parolees, a loan. The bank officer goes off to run a security check and Billie pulls Paige off. Wyatt is playing with his Indian Chief, Cowboy, and Soldier toys as Phoebe tries to talk to him about his missing dad but doesn’t get much response. Phoebe casts a spell on his bear, causing it to talk about Wyatt’s feelings. In response Wyatt animates his three toys into life-sized living creatures, while down below the party guests arrive. At the bank, Nick gets rejected for a loan and barges out in a rage, then drives his car through the front window and takes everyone hostage to get his loan.

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