Down to 20 Men

We've seen this season's 30 bachelors and we've witnessed Jillian Harris as she narrowed down the competition to 20. Clearly, we still have a lot to learn about these guys and the two-hour premiere of The Bachelorette isn't enough to sum up their game. But there have already been a few standouts among the crowd, and some have left a really good impression, while others were just plain bad.

This season's suitors are from varied backgrounds and professions, and should provide an interesting mix of men for Jillian to choose from. The 20 men left in the competition include David (trucking contractor), Jacob "Jake" (the pilot), Jesse (the wine maker), Wes (the guitar player), Mathue (personal trainer), Michael (break dancer), Robert (bartender), Ed (technology consultant), Reid (realtor), Simon (Brit soccer coach), Kiptyn (business developer), Mike (baseball camp owner), Brian (IT consultant), Sasha (gas consultant), Julien (restauranteur), Tanner P. (the foot-obsessed guy), Mark (pizza entrepreneur), Brad (financial advisor), Tanner F. (sales rep), and Juan (contractor for Argentina)

Country singer Wes and smooth contractor Juan immediately caught my attention but, surprisingly, Jillian opted to give the first impression rose to David, who appeared withdrawn as he choked up and froze when he first met Jillian out of the limo. But it seemed that Jillian likes an underdog and has a lot in common with the timid bachelor, who eventually redeemed himself during their one-on-one conversation.

"Sort of like a second shot at a first impression," Jillian told him while handing over the rose. "You're just very yourself, which is what I'm looking for."

While some suitors were modest in their pursuit of Jillian, others tried to sweep Jillian off her feet with cheesy lines and gestures. There's Michael, who tried to stick out by flaunting his break-dancing skills, and Jesse, who tried to have an inside advantage as he wore a t-shirt that said "Aspiring Canadian" under his suit. But I think the worst line came from Mike, who asked Jillian to take a step back after just introducing himself and then threw a ball in her direction, which she caught effortlessly, while he said " Ah, you are a great catch."

At any rate, it's too early to tell who among the 20 men would eventually capture Jillian's heart, and there's obviously some twists and turns along the way to make for good TV. The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison even hints that "halfway through the season, there is something different that happens with Jillian that we've never faced before." It seems like season 5 will have a lot of firsts in the history of The Bachelorette so fans should make sure not to miss it.

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