Damages: "The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat" Season 3, Episode 13 Review

Wow, there's a ton to write about here. As always, Damages crams a lot (too much?) into their finales. There were a couple moments in "The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat" that were absolutely fantastic, but then there were also some closing scenes that didn't really pay off the way they should. Frobisher's (Ted Danson) downfall was long overdue, and I want to commend this series for creating a character the really did seem like he had turned over a new leaf, but Wes' (Timothy Olyphant) decision to turn himself in just to give Ellen some justice didn't see right. Maybe it's because we never truly understood where Wes was ever coming from. He was never really explored as a character and his only defining quality was that he really wound up liking Ellen. A lot. The scene in the car with Frobisher was intense, and I loved the way Wes kept cocking the gun, making Frobisher think he was going to shoot him. I really thought he would do it. But Wes' re-emergence felt a little too "Deus-Ex-Machina," and the line where Ray Fiske's ghost actually calls him "the cowboy" was a little too knowing.

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