'Nurse Jackie' Season 2, Episode 1 - 'Comfort Food' Recap (Season Premiere)

Remember seeing the variety shows where a guy was spinning plates and the point of the trick was to keep all the plates spinning so that nothing fell to the ground and crashed into a million pieces? That's the ongoing life of Nurse Jackie.

Season two commenced not unlike the season one premiere, with Jackie flat on her back and a 1960's tune underscoring the moment. Instead of 'Valley of the Dolls,' it was 'Say A Little Prayer," but the sentiment remained the same. Jackie's a high wire act even when she's on her ass.

Jackie's home life seemed almost idyllic with Kevin and the kids at Orchard Beach, but as long as that diamond ring on her hand reminds her of Eddie and the hospital, Jackie can't be at ease. Kevin, bless his heart, loves her so much he seems oblivious to her extracurricular life.

The idea that Eddie was out of Jackie's life because she didn't return his calls was a self-deception. She could try to ignore him since he was no longer in the hospital pharmacy, but Eddie had his own ideas. How screwed up is he to purposely overdose on xanax to get Jackie's attention?

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