'United States of Tara' - 'Yes' Recap (Season Premiere) Season 2

The united part of the 'United States of Tara' was served up handily in the season premiere, with the family looking like the model of normalcy. And yet even as there seemed to be nothing wrong, below the surface was that gnawing feeling that Buck, T, Alice and whoever, might be lurking, ready to pop out. When the pop finally went off, however, it wasn't what we anticipated. It wasn't even in their house. More on that and the purple carnations after the jump.

Since leaving rehab and back on the psychotic drugs, Tara has resumed her life and is in control. The ritualistic dumping of the alters' clothes, with the entire family taking part, suggested that Tara didn't need them anymore. However, we know now that it wasn't the sexual trauma that caused Tara's split. Her illness and the idea that it's curable are challenged immediately when a random act takes place on the street where she lives.

Why should Don Hubbard's suicide make Tara feel victorious? Because it wasn't her causing the scene this time? Max suspected that something was off with Tara, but he wants to believe she's whole. He's like a guy constantly on guard and afraid to see what's right before his eyes. Why else would he suggest buying the Hubbard place and flipping it? The dinner party should have been a warning to him, especially Tara's singing, but he missed the signs. Same thing in the bar with the waitress. Max lives in denial because he loves his wife.

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