House Season 6, Episode 6: "Known Unknowns" - Recap

After a night of partying, a 16-year-old girl is brought to Princeton-Plainsboro when her appendages swell up like balloons. But as a complication of her illness, she is unable to tell the truth, which makes it very difficult for the team to identify the cause. Meanwhile, House joins Cuddy and Wilson at a medical conference for pharmacology and public policy where things don't go as planned.

The Patient

This week begins with a bunch of giddy teenage girls waiting to get into a party. Two of the girls manage to jump the line and enter, leaving their friends green with envy. The next morning, one of the girls, Jordan, begins to rehash the details of the evening with her gal pals when all of a sudden her feet and hands begin to swell up and she falls to the floor unconscious.

The Medical Convention

House notices Wilson is packing, and Wilson reminds him they are going to a medical conference for pharmacology and public policy. House says he's not going, but as soon as he finds out Cuddy is attending (and bringing her cleavage he so fondly refers to as Simpsons characters Selma and Wilma because they're always smokin'), he changes his tune and decides to join them for the trip.

Prior to the trip, he sees Wilson sitting by a dying patient's bedside. He later learns Wilson will be presenting a paper at the convention. Wilson calls House out saying he knows House is only going because of Cuddy and tells him to just ask her out. "She's not just a floozy in a bar. She's a floozy I work for," says House.

They arrive at the convention, and House steals the identity of another doctor who is unable to attend - Dr. Perlmutter. At the '80s party, House shows up in his finest '80s attire - 1880s that is. He rescues Cuddy from a random doctor making a pass at her by taking her to the dance floor. But the next thing you know, Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" begins to play, and the two slow dance. House notes the last time they danced like this was during the week they first met in medical school where he sought her out. Cuddy corrects him and says that wasn't the first time they met. Instead, it was earlier at a book store. She recalls every last detail of their encounter, and also adds that she was the one who sought him out. The fond memories begin to turn into awkward explanations when House apologizes for not calling her back. He said he got a call from the Dean saying he was expelled from school and figured what's the point? Who knew these two had such a complex past?

House tells Wilson what happened and Wilson takes it upon himself to talk to Cuddy about how House is trying to make an effort. She tells him she needs a man she can count on day after day. Wilson returns to tell House, who is raiding the mini-bar on Wilson's dime. House is very distraught that Wilson is about to jeopardize his career by presenting a paper on euthanasia. Wilson sits down with House over a grape soda and tells House to just show Cuddy he is reliable. But, the next thing you know, Wilson is out cold because House drugged him so he would miss his presentation.

In the meantime, House takes Wilson's advice and knocks on Cuddy's door to offer his help with watching her baby. But Cuddy lies and says she brought the baby to daycare. House is about to leave but hears cooing in the other room. He enters to find Lucas watching the baby. Yes, the same Lucas that House hired to be his P.I. last season to get information on his team as well as Cuddy's personal life. House quickly leaves before things get even more awkward.

Wilson wakes up face down in his bed, and we see House has taken his place to present Wilson's paper as if it were his own (or rather, Dr. Perlmutter's paper) in order to keep Wilson from ruining his career. Wilson frantically rushes to get downstairs to present the paper, but of course needs to find pants since House took his. When Wilson finally makes it down, he finds House reading his paper about euthanasia. As soon as he sees Wilson, he improvises a few lines about what a responsible doctor he is, but that doesn't make Wilson any less angry.

The next day, Wilson, House, Cuddy and Lucas meet up at a restaurant, and Cuddy tells House she and Lucas met when she hired him to investigate a potential skimming issue at the hospital. Lucas begins to get diarrhea of the mouth and goes on a tangent about everything Cuddy told him regarding House's hallucination and institutionalization. But he does offer to buy a House a ginger ale, so that more than makes up for it. House later sees Lucas playing with Cuddy's baby and tells Wilson he looks like a guy that will be there for her every day. Wilson, now thinking back on what House said during the presentation, tells House that what he said really made him feel good. Aw. You got to love Wilson. Though I'm not sure how I feel about Lucas and Cuddy.

The Diagnosis

Initially, Jordan, the young girl brought in earlier, tells the story that she and some guy jumped into the hotel pool together, but the truth comes out that she and her friend instead were channeling their inner dork to stalk (discreetly) Jeffrey Keener, the creator of a comic book called Stiletto and the TV show.

House's diagnosis of Rhabdo is wrong, so the team checks to see if bulimia may be the culprit. While testing, Cameron admits to Foreman that she followed Chase all week to see where he was going only to find he went to the gym five days this week. Foreman tries to cut her off and tells her to talk to Chase, but she asks point-blank if Chase is having an affair, to which Foreman answers, "No."

The results show that it's not bulimia, but Jordan begins to code as she bleeds around the heart as soon as her parents arrive. Foreman, Jordan and her friend go over their night again, but Jordan begins to tell a story about how she was playing a guitar with Bruce Springsteen last night. Foreman notices blood streaming out of her ear and realizes she has a bleed in her brain that is causing her to lie.

Jordan's friend says the two were together except for when Jordan went to get ice in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. But they realize that must have been a lie as well. Cameron goes to question Keener who doesn't give her much. They check the hotel cameras which show Jordon going in an elevator to drop off Keener's journal as an excuse to talk to him. Cameron, convinced Keener slept with her, heads back to Keener's room to accuse him of statutory rape, but he stands firm that Jordan was never in his room.

The team gives Jordan amobarbital (truth serum) to see if they can find out what happened while she was gone. Jordon tells Cameron she went to Keener's room to drop of his journal where he invited her in, gave her a tablet under the guise that it was ecstasy, and took advantage of her. Just as her father is about to go on a rampage, Foreman, who was screening Jordan's brain to see if she was telling the truth, says she made the whole story up.

House has his brainstorm moment during his bickering with Wilson and calls in to the hospital to explain to everyone - over speakerphone - that Jordan is suffering from vibrio vulnificus caused by eating oysters at dinner. Though no one else got sick from the oysters, House explains all oysters have vibrio, but almost no one has hemochromatosis (iron overload) which makes you susceptible to it. "Now Cameron, pick up the phone and give me a dramatic exit," House instructs over the speaker. We later learn Jordan didn't even have the courage to knock on Keener's door.

Later that night, Cameron, feeling guilty for projecting her fear that Chase is having an affair on to Keener, apologizes to Chase and asks him to tell her the truth. "Whatever this is that's eating away at you, we can get past it together. I love you no matter what," says Cameron. Chase thinks for a moment about sharing his Dibala burden, and finally decides to fess up about killing the dictator.

What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Lucas and Cuddy together? What do you think Cameron's reaction will be to Chase's confession?

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