The Deep End: "Pilot" Review Episode 1

If you're a closeted Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives fan and you've been seeing television spots for ABC's midseason legal drama, The Deep End, then you've probably already set your DVR to record the pilot airing January 21st. In which case, you should be warned that the spots make the show look a lot more enjoyable than it really is. The pilot episode isn't bad, per se, but there's something tired and joyless about everything that goes on that makes us hope the series finds a better tone in episodes to come.

The setting is Sterling, Huddle, Oppenheimer & Craft, a prestigious L.A. law firm, which recruits four students from the top law schools in the country each year. This year's "first years" are good guy Dylan Hewitt (Matt Long), shy Addy Fisher (Tina Majorino), gorgeous Beth Branford (Leah Pipes) and cocky Liam Priory (Ben Lawson). The show is really Dylan's, as he's the one we follow as he walks into Sterling, etc. on his first day, only to discover he's 10 days late -- a bad omen for an overachiever.

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