Gossip Girl Episode Season 3, Episode 9: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" - Recap

This week Gossip Girl was a bit of a numbers game. Jenny faced the devastating prospect of possibly making her society debut solo, and two people who were in a major fight found themselves trapped in an elevator together. And then there was that little matter of a much-hyped threesome that finally took place.

Alone at Cotillion

Gossip Girl made a witty observation comparing the gathering of the heads of each Upper East Side school as a meeting of La Cosa Nostra. Little J entered this meeting the picture of confidence, but she was hiding her insecurity: Deep down, she still felt like little Jenny Humphrey from Brooklyn. (We later found out that the committee only allowed her to make her debut after Lily pulled a lot of strings.) It didn't help matters that Jenny had zero experience with ballroom dancing, while the other girls had years. So Jenny sought to remedy all her woes by securing a powerful date to the cotillion: Graham Collins. However, her minions were having trouble pinning him down.

Eric saw Jenny struggling and gave her some dancing tips. She told him he didn't have to be nice to her, and he explained that he was simply a better person than her. True...but not for long. Eric got Jenny to agree to go with Jonathan as her escort, and when Graham texted Jenny that he would accompany her, Eric used Jenny's phone to text him a "No thanks" reply behind Jenny's back. Who knew Eric could be so devious? Jenny's behavior didn't improve after she found out what he did: She dumped Jonathan as her escort and Blair as her mentor, announcing to Blair, "Your era's over. And so is that headband." Ouch! Of course, this left Eric and Blair free to team up.

And team up they did. Eric knew Graham from camp, so he blackmailed him into going with Eric's date, Kira, instead of Jenny. Blair then worked her makeover magic on "frog" Kira. This led to a moment of utter humiliation for Jenny: The speaker started to announce Graham as Jenny's escort, then corrected herself and said he was Kira's escort. So Jenny was up there alone...with no escort for her society debut! Gossip Girl summed this up so well: "Jenny Humphrey went to a ball. Jenny Humphrey had a great fall." Thinking fast, Jenny made a phone call, and like a knight in shining armor, Nate was there to save the day. Though her debut was a little late, the caliber of her escort made up for it. Again, to quote Gossip Girl: "Nobody puts Jenny in the corner. And now she's having the time of her life." The other queens then paid their respect to Jenny.

Blair and Eric were not pleased, but Blair did seem to admire Jenny's quick thinking. Eric then got dumped by Jonathan, who was not happy that Eric had sunk to Jenny's level with these little backstabbing games. But Eric was not content to go off and lick his wounds - he wanted revenge. As he told Kira, "The next time we take Jenny down, it will be for good."

Elevator for Two

Blair and Serena were still fighting - about anything and everything, including who would be a better cotillion mentor for Jenny. Nate was confused as to why they were even fighting, and Chuck was deeply worried about Blair's "freakishly calm" behavior, because it only meant that she was getting ready to break and he didn't want to clean up that mess. So Chuck and Nate schemed to get Blair and Serena in the same place at the same time, going so far as to actually trap them in an elevator. Chuck's voice then came through over the intercom, telling them they needed to talk. It didn't take long for Blair to start to crack, and soon Serena was spilling everything about her search for her dad and feeling so lost. Blair empathized with Serena and told her it was her father's loss.

Soon, Serena admitted how things were starting to get weird with Trip. (Trip hired her to work for him, even though he really didn't need anymore staff. And every time the two of them talked, things started to go from chummy to a little too chummy...) Serena said she knew he was a married senator, but she was starting not to trust herself around him. Blair offered her the sound advice to stay the hell away from Trip and not put herself in that situation. Serena agreed, and the two officially made up. Chuck suggested they kiss (apparently he was listening the whole time). Blair pretended to be mad at Chuck for deceiving her, but he explained he had to because it was a desperate situation.

Serena then headed over to Trip's office to resign, and Trip protested. He explained, "I promise to never cross that line. We'll just agree to keep things friendly and professional." (Run Serena, run!) Thankfully Blair then arrived (she knows Serena too well), and she tried to get Serena to leave with her, but Serena wouldn't go. So what this means for the BFF's reconciliation, I don't know. What this means for Trip and Serena....it will probably make a good story line, but it looks like Serena's about to make another mistake.

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