The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 2"

Last week's premiere episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples was quite a doozy, filled with twists, turns, and tears. After receiving the news that 1 person from each couple had to leave, the contestants were pretty much defeated but upon learning they had the option to come back, their determination was restored. I was pleased to see that within the first few minutes we were treated to a montage of the contestants staying on the ranch, and those competing at home. The consensus of the latter group? "I'm going to prove to America it can be done at home." Just a reminder, the contestants have 30 days to lose weight at home but if they're partners get eliminated in the first 3 weeks then the competition is over for both members of the pair. And while some were off to a good start (Estelle got rid of all the junk in her fridge), others not so much. Within two minutes of David's return he was ordering French fries, and 2 hot dogs! 2! With his family there not saying a word it makes me wonder how he'll succeed on his own.

This week the contestants had their first temptation challenge. As Alison said, "Being on campus is not for the faint of heart" and they'd have to prove just how important the experience is. And to do this they'd have to turn down a piece of the final prize money. Either cross the line, get the money and go home, or continue on as is. The one player really mulling it over was Joelle from team Silver. She said that she was living at home, being supported by her mother, and the temptation of $5000 and then $10,000 and then $25.000, was pretty great. Damien made a comment that the money couldn't buy your life back and it may have been the thing to keep Joelle in the game because she didn't cross that line.

When Bob met up with his team he wasn't happy to see it cut in half. Then he found out that Joelle almost took the money after her teammate Carla sacrificed herself, and didn't know what to think. The two of them had a little heart-to-heart as he pushed to find out where her head was at and she told him that her biggest problem is the fear of failing. Bob told her that she needed to welcome that fear rather than giving it the power, and see what she's capable of.

The constant week 2 struggle was on both trainers' minds. "Let's be honest, I'm the best. The best. Nothing gets past me. And for me to still not be able to sail through week 2 after 5 years, 7 seasons, is kind of annoying." Classic Jillian. Bob on the other hand was a bit more confident since he had "great numbers last season, week 2." His theory is that if you feed the body, keep it going, and get plenty of rest, it's a winning combination to beat the typical 2nd week plateau.

Once again we got some at home updates. I'm glad that we've been able to see what the other players are up to. So far they all seem pretty tired but committed. Carla is kicking it in gear and how great was her dancing and singing? It's definitely one way to burn some calories. David was a bit worrisome as he's not quite pushing himself. Aubrey was hoping to be eased into her workouts but instead found herself a "he-Jillian."

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