'Models of the Runway' recap: Trashy

This week, I bit the bullet and watched Models of the Runway on fast-forward until it was time to choose models. It ended up being a great show. What pretty creatures! Cerri, the porcelain doll with the hot Irish accent, yelled at everyone for leaving their trash on the floor, Top Model-style. Heidi let her weird group therapy, and because it was so sped up, it wasn’t awkward at all! The fake mommies and fake daughters had a sad models-only picnic in Central Park. During this carefully staged event, Megan’s face suggested a liveliness so rare that slowed it down to real-time to discover that Megan and her mini happened to worship the same three deities: Hannah Montana, the color pink, and their hair. Then the models stomped around in the breezeway with puzzling giant orange spheres right behind the EW office, which Tanner and I call Gossip Cove. Oh, no! What if we’d seen them? THINGS ARE SUDDENLY HITTING TOO CLOSE TO HOME. I promise, Internet, just like last week: I will never write about Models of the Runway again.

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